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Let’s talk about combat a bit.

From a classic pub brawl to a martial arts showdown – here’s what you can expect from SCUM when it comes to hand-to-hand combat.

We will prioritize the hand-to-hand combat over the usual wild west shootout (don’t worry, though; you will get a chance to do that as well). In a hostile environment the correct approach to survival would be stealth and keeping a low profile; however, sometimes you will be forced to engage in combat so before you unload all your valued clips, try to punch your opponent’s teeth out!

We will also include as many fighting styles as possible (the above gif is that of boxing) in order to provide varied gameplay, and add a few personal preferences that will vary from one player to another. There will also be three fighting skill levels but the idea is: the more you hit stuff, the more accomplished you are!

Although the fighting skill level will have a great effect on the possible outcome of a brawl, it definitely will not be the sole factor. Since people react differently depending on the situation that they find themselves in (in this case, depending on the fight), threats, shouting and profanities used in combat may have a frightening or irritating effect on other fighters, or provoke a rush of adrenaline that may result in fast actions or mistakes.

That’s the latest on combat – make sure you follow the SCUM blog and @SCUMgame for the latest updates on the game.

DISCLAMER -Some features in the post may or may not be included in Early Access and can be released in future updates of the game.