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Reality TV

The elite wants to keep things under control and retain the existing situation at all costs. Although the death penalty, for instance, is declared for lesser crimes, this doesn’t help much. Finally, the proposition by TEC1, a global broadcasting company, is accepted and Project “Island” is launched. The solution it offers is very simple: instead of oppressing people even more, a special TV reality show will be created and broadcast 24/7 – as long as people are entertained, they will forget about the real problems! It’s a concept that has proven itself effective many times before and so it happens again!

For the purposes of the show, the whole island is transformed into a heavily secured location. Throughout the area broadcasting equipment is installed and the island is then populated by modern-age gladiators, i.e. prisoners sentenced to death. All former residents are moved to other locations and those who don’t want to leave are simply left to die. Prisoners themselves are parachuted from the sky in small groups and left to build their own violent society.

Although the island’s perimeters are heavily guarded, many try to escape; however, there is no official confirmation that anyone has succeeded in their attempt. On the other hand, rumor has it that there are a few successful escapes during the first season of the show and that a secret alliance called ‘Renegades’ has been formed by ex-cons to fight the oppression. So far, the government has neither confirmed nor denied the existence of ‘Renegades’ resistance movement.