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Stamina update 2 – S is for Science

There are several crucial parameters that are taken in consideration for Stamina level determination:

Max Stamina -the initial value (MSI) – 3
Current Stamina (CS) – 1
Maximum Stamina (MS) – 2
Stamina Change Rate (SCR)– 5,6
Stamina Reserve (RS) – x<4
Maximum Stamina Reduction (MSR) – (2<x<3)


Maximum Stamina – the initial value (MSI)

MSI represents the initial Maximum Stamina value calculated from the attributes/skills.

Current Stamina (CS)

CS is current value of player’s stamina. It varies up or down depending on the actions that players are doing.

Stamina Duration Maximum (MS)

MS is the maximum value of Stamina. The initial value is determined by Constitution attribute value. The players with higher constitution will have up to 20% more stamina than avg. player. MS value can be temporarily reduced if the players have health issues or nutritional deficiencies. Once a player gets back in shape, MS value will increase until it gets to the initial value (MSI). Recovery speed is measured in SU/sec. (Stamina Unit per second).

Stamina Change Rate

SCR is the linear velocity with two different vectors. Depending on what player does it consumes or recovers Stamina in certain pace.

Several factors influence the speed of SCR:

Weight load threshold (determined by Strength attribute), characters who carry more than they should will get tired faster
How difficult/hard it is to perform certain action (there are a high demanding and less demanding actions)
If a player has Endurance skill or not (Endurance skill improves performance)
Drugs / Medications / Alcohol and other substances can influence the speed of SCR
Health condition – players with injuries will have their Stamina temporarily reduced until they heal up

If action is not demanding, character’s stamina will not be reduced and if actions are difficult and demanding, stamina decreases at a constant rate. The average person with constitution value of 3 has enough stamina for about 20 seconds (average MSI value) of physically demanding action. Furthermore the average person has around 20 units available while characters with higher constitution levels have additional bonuses on MSI. . Physically demanding actions (sprinting, melee, swimming, etc.) consume stamina at the rate of 1Stamina Unit per second (SU/s). SCR for running is therefore set to -1SU/s.

Jogging is far less demanding activity and reduces stamina -0.01 SU/s, which means that the average characters can jog for 30-35 minutes.

Walking and crawling do not reduce Stamina, but actually help Stamina to recover with a rate of +0.5SU/s. This means that an average character’s Stamina will be recharged by walking for 40 seconds. SCR for walking and crawling is set to +0.5SU/s. If a player resting (or stands still), Stamina is restored with rate of +1SU/s. This means it takes 20 seconds to fully replenish Stamina by standing still. SRS speed for resting is set to +1SU/s.

Stamina Reserve (SR)

If CS reaches SR zone penalties for Strength and Speed are applied. This indicates that body has reached its limits and fatigue kicks in and starts to impact the players actions. As long as the player’s Stamina remains in the SR zone his Strength and Dexterity are reduced by 0.5% per second. This means that after 10 seconds with Stamina in SR zone player’s Strength and Dexterity will drop to 95% of their initial value. However, their minimum values cannot drop below 50% no matter how long the player stays in SR zone. Once a player gets out of SR zone, his/her Strength and Dexterity will start to recover with a pace of 0.5% per second.

Important notice! When in SR zone, the player will still be able to defend himself/herself, perform melee actions, but reaction time will be slow and inflicted damage will be reduced by the percentage based on the loss of Strength and Dexterity attribute.

Maximum Stamina Reduction (MSR)

Occasionally players will get hurt or maybe will have problems to secure sufficient nutritional ingredients. If this happens MSR will start to grow. MSR determines the percentage of reduction of MSI value due to the external influences. Furthermore, there are diseases or wounds that affect MSI to certain extent. MSR will be reduced instantly if player is shot, or gradually as illness progresses from phase to phase, (it may be reduced in seconds, hours or days). MSR is the first sign to the player that something has gone wrong his character’s health. Only when the character is fully cured MSR will be gradually wear off and Maximum stamina will reach the initial value (MSI).

Here you can check it in action.