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Muscles lose power when exposed to a prolonged and intense effort. The fatigue can be fought back for a while through great concentration and mental effort, but eventually everyone succumbs to fatigue.

Stamina is an important factor that will be calculated from the attribute values. Once defined, Stamina will influence how the player will perform actions in the game. A more exhausting action means that more stamina will be spent and when it comes down to the minimum, the player will have to rest or their actions will become slow and weak. Although Constitution is the main parameter for Stamina determination, a lack of Stamina will influence all attributes.

Weight Load Threshold (WLT)

WLT defines the limit where excessive load starts to wear out the body faster than normal. WLT is a dynamic value and is calculated from Strength Attribute. If Strength Attribute drops because of illness, or because of nutritional deficiencies, WLT will drop at the same rate (percentage)

Example of how Stamina/WLT work

The player carries 10 kg of gear more than his/her WLT allows. The player’s Stamina has reached its limits and is now in Reserve zone. If the player keeps going (obviously running and even jogging isn’t possible, but the player can still walk), Strength will drop by 5% in the next 10 seconds. This will result in a 5% reduction in WLT. When rested, an average player can carry 20 kg of gear without penalties, but with Strength reduced by 5%, the player is able to carry only 19kg of weight without penalties. This means that now, with a lower WLT, the player actually carries 11kg of weight above the WLT. As a result, the player’s body will consume additional 220mL of water per hour and will recover at a much slower pace. This 1kg of weight will consume additional 0.05 Stamina Units per second. Eventually, the player will have to stop and rest and preferably drop excessive load to the ground.