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From Croteam

Story? We got that and a lot more.

Players take the role of the convict who is about to be dropped onto the island to fight for his/her life by participating as a new-age gladiator in the cruel horror reality show called SCUM. Surrounded by a hostile environment, even more hostile online players and hordes of AI “puppets”controlled by the TV network, players will have to find a way to get away from the island and join the rebellion forces. To earn your freedom, players will have to make alliances with other convicts, explore the island and exploit its resources, uncover hidden secrets and survive.

SCUM is a next generation story-driven survival game with single player, multiplayer and co-op survival modes. Features include:

– complex character customization

– skill based crafting system

– AI controlled hordes of actors

– cross between sandbox survival gameplay with higher goals incorporated

– an interactive story

– detailed health/metabolism system

– stunning visuals powered by Unreal Engine 4