Hello everyone!

Today, we are going to familiarize ourselves with the natural and cultural beauty of the island that will give you an opportunity to go on a killing spree like a proper psychopath. The island is an archipelago of sorts, consisting of various absolutely breathtaking Croatian islands (fun fact: there are more than 1000 islands in Croatia). Its houses and buildings are replicas of those existing on the actual island of Brač.

HISTORY TIME: = The famous white stone found on this island is believed to have been used to build the White House. This allegedly happened during the period of the Austro-Hungarian Empire; however, the truth (with a grain of salt, ofc) is that a merchant bought and sold three shipfuls of the mentioned stone to the USA to be used for the construction of the White House; alas, the cargo never made it to the construction site. Sorry, Mr. President, you’re not magnificent enough for our stone!

Well, let’s get back on track! We spent about three weeks on the island of Brač, taking photos and studying the environment so that the players would get a nice Mediterranean feeling while playing the game. The present melange of woods, mountains, beaches and villages provides various scenarios requiring different levels of adjustment of combat and resources.


7 thoughts on “Where the hell are we playing?

  1. Will the combat in this game be something like that of Rust with base building and a 24/7 arena type landscape or will it be something more like The Culling with an enclosed, time limited are for PvP, if this has not been decided my personal preference and choice would be something like Rust. Maybe instead of base building having all buildings be customizable and be able to be reinforced and made into the players base. If there is a Closed Alpha I would love to participate and give feedback. Keep up the great work Devolver


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