Hello, guys!
Today we would like to talk about the atmosphere in SCUM!

We haven’t decided how to go about this yet. Still, if you recall,
we have mentioned that we prefer the tense/horror/you-never-know-what-might-jump-you vibe.
As there are a lot of factors that have to be taken into account when creating the atmosphere in a game, we would like to know your opinion, and what you find to be the most important, or what you think should not be disregarded.

Since SCUM will have a changing day-and-night cycle that will have a somewhat
significant impact on the gameplay (more about that in the next blog post), we have
discussed a few options for the night part of the cycle: either some suspenseful
music in the background, or (the more likely option) absolute silence with
the usual sounds of night animals and bugs lurking in the dark.
Also, should you find yourself anywhere near the puppets, you would get a hint
of their proximity, namely, hear their screams.

All in all, there are a lot of options for SCUM, and as we honestly want to provide
the best gameplay and atmosphere possible, your opinion means a lot to us!
So, spam the comment section with whatever comes to your mind!

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15 thoughts on “Game atmosphere

  1. I agree with OGdayz but I would like some music so the game wasn’t boring when traveling long distances. Y’know how some games don’t have music but when your alone and running/walking some (calm) music comes on and keeps you going.

    And if you really can’t decide you can put music in the game and give players an option in the menu to turn it off. If you get more of a following on Twitter, put up a poll of music or no music.
    (I’d prefer the occasional music) GJ devs


  2. Absolutely NO MUSIC. Or atleast have the option to completely turn it off. Any game that I play that is as immersive as this one gets music turned off. I want to hear the sounds of the environment, threats in the distance, footsteps letting me know someone is coming…And you can’t hear those things when you got really intense music to help the mood of the atmosphere. I have surround sound and it’s pretty much useless, atleast for me, when I have the music on


  3. Option to turn off music. I agree, need to hear what is going on. It would be cool if a player passes crickets and they stop and another player notices it. If you are near a rabbit and it runs off I would like to hear that. Hear zombie if it approaches.


  4. Defenitely NO MUSIC!!!! Way more immersive when you can feel what the player feels. If you were there, would you be hearing music while you travel or get in a fight? Hell no!


  5. Another thing I want to add is that I think you guys should really try to minimize the outside influence (tv show aspects) as much as possible. How annoying would it be to have some crap on your screen showing where someone is because they are on a killing spree. Not saying this was the plan, just a suggestion.


  6. No music, just the night sounds of insects and wind. Please let us see during the night and dont make it pitch black or at least let the moon light up the island so we can see a little(I dont know if night vision will be in game but that would be cool). As for the puppets, yea have them screech every once in awhile to let us know they’re in the area but don’t make them constantly make noise so we know exactly where they are, just a screech every 5-10min or so, So that we can hear it about 100m away to give us an idea where they are.


  7. More on the atmosphere it would be great if it somehow brought players to work together these games already have a huge emphases on kill on site mentality if I was super suspensfull maybe people would be scared enough to team up? No music just LOTS of environment sounds cracking twigs in wind owls crickets wolves etc… Yeah hyped man!


  8. No music I have played a few games where there is no music (with maybe an exception when finding a new POI. I truly enjoy the natural sounds of nature in games and it keeps things tense and very immersive.


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