Environment of SCUM

Hello ladies and gents!

Here we are with a new small update of a 5min clip of our beautiful island! So take a break relaxe and enjoy. Oh and yea maybe you want to plan your next vacation in Croatia because everything you see is almost identical to our beautiful country!

4 thoughts on “Environment of SCUM

  1. Ubacite golubove,galebove,mačke, pase i brodove da se jos vise osjeti dalmacija.I neke eksplozije da bude zanimljivije.Vidite trailer od filma condemned i tih filmova da dobijete ideje.Recimo da na pocetku bace zatvorenike iz helikoptera.I nek se likovi prirodnije miču .ne morate ovo nista ali eto ideja…


  2. so if average human walks with speed 4-6 km/h it would take from 2 up to 3 hours to walk from 1 point of the island to its opposite point, right? math never lies

    im ultra hyped about the game coz’ of it’s hardcore realistic approach (beside this BCU stuff with zombies/”puppets” and geneticaly modified animals that i actually dont approve) im not a psychopath gamer and i aint planning to hunt other players, rather an explorer and pve type so cant wait to get my hands on this early acces and already start diggin in this beautiful croatian island, looking for all the treasures you’re going to hide across the map and to find the best place to defend myself from anything game can throw at lone survivor


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