Hello everyone!

Today we have an extra nice video for you guys. Its about unarmed combat in SCUM, lets get straight to the video and don’t forget to leave us your feedback and suggestions as we always appreciate it and take it into account!


13 thoughts on “Unarmed combat skill

  1. I’m super excited about this game. I’m definitely watching this spot. The combat looks like something that hasn’t really been done before. Godspeed to the developers. I hope it all works out well.


  2. Hi team. Scum looks incredibly promising and has me very excited. My feedback for the game (for what it’s worth) would be that the strongest areas of the game look to be the player centred areas, meaning combat, customisation, skill levels, animations etc which all look brilliant and I really love the idea of different martial art types in the future such as muay thai or taekwondo but I do feel that the overall concept of the game’s story could be improved. When I first heard of a ‘open world prison survival game’ I instantly thought of an open world with a prison where players begin and then leading the rest of the story from there perhaps trying to survive life in prison with the aim of escaping and attempting to survive whatever lays beyond the prison walls, instead of the ‘battle royale style’ story and gameplay that the game is currently holding similarities to which I feel has been done before. Regardless of my opinion on the story I feel the game holds massive potential and look forward to playing it myself.


  3. Super dope what you guys are doing. Reminds me so much of a little gem called “Cataclysm: Dark Days Ahead” in terms of taking into account weight, encumbrance, martial art styles, even the attributes to some extent though not exactly. If this game will be anything like that in which it takes into account the small details that games like “Rust” and others do, I can only hope this is going to become the next big thing. And if it actually gets finished, but I got faith.


  4. I really like your afford to create a game which consider many different stats which has an effect on your character. It reminds me of my own ambitions to create a complex game and not as many other “quantity instead of quality”.

    So if you need help with the Artificial Intelligence, I have enough ideas to create a really adaptive AI and not such a scripted “always do the same move sets” AI.
    How good the AI is depends on the characters “Intelligence” stat and it will recognize how the opponent fights and also find out it’s own fighting style by fighting against many other opponents (if it is still alive then).
    This means it is not one AI for all characters, but each character will define it’s own AI over time.

    If you find this idea interesting you can write me on my Email and I can tell you more about this.


  5. The first time I seen this game I was instantly hooked. The graphics look amazing, the game play looks smooth. Those things alone isn’t the thing that sold me tho. It’s the melee combat system. It looks amazing and how your stats and equipment effect the way your character fights is great. Honestly before I seen the gunplay of this game I would of bought it on melee system alone. Seen the gunplay made it a no brained for me so I can’t wait till it comes out. All of you are doing a excellent job. Keep it up.


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