Today we have the pleasure to present you the most realistic and advanced shooting mechanic in survival games (probably even beyond but let’s be modest).
Check out our new video blog update how you will handle firearms in SCUM!


26 thoughts on “SCUM – Rifle & Sniping Skills

  1. When are you guys thinking of moving it towards the public? The genre is packed full of crappy games, but you guys really seem to know what you’re doing, and everything is perfectly in depth, I’ve been looking for a perfect survival game and I’ve never been so sure that this is going to be it.


  2. You should add in a weighting system on equipment you have on players. Kind’ve similar to dark souls, you can have certain weight limit that restricts your movement.


  3. Will we be able to craft a bow and arrow by collecting resources from the forest in case we are running out of ammo or may be if we can just sharpen some stones and turn it into a throwing weapon.


  4. When will we be able to play the alpha game? This game looks awesome and i put in my alpha test email (thing about heart rate/ weight etc.) and i was wondering when ill know if i got the alpha key.


  5. I think that this game sould have two categories -In game so if you are a simple person and want low med high stuff like that you should open the options a click “simple” if you wanna play hardcore then press “hardcore”. this will work for the sniper too and also in-game stuff.


  6. I couldnt seen anything when he put that night vision on…. whats up with that.. there was a constant flare in the center of the screen…. cant say i enjoyed that..


  7. I cant find an answer to this but anyone know how many Players are going to be allowed on the map? Can’t wait to see how you guys handle the Networking and Servers.


  8. Any game like this that strives for realism desperately needs cannibalism, I hate it when im playing a survival game and end up starving with plenty of succulent corpses around me.


  9. What about things like climbing onto rooftops or into tree’s? Also what kind of falling animation will Scum use?, something that can take you out of an intense gaming experience instantly is a character who falls in a weird stiff robotic position. Games like Dayz for instance, when you fall off something you stay standing completely upright until you hit the ground and then you sort of just lie down. I posted this on the latest youtube update but I don’t always get a notification from youtube so im re-posting it here.


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