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Check out our new development diary video on SCAT skill set and other cool features that we introduce to survival games to evolve SCUM even more!


18 thoughts on “SCUM – Stealth, Camouflage, Awareness & Tactics [Pre-Alpha]

  1. So I’ve been following this game for some time now and let me tell you I’m getting pretty hyped for it! Just a couple of questions though. So I’m trying to figure out what type of game your trying to make, like are you going for a Dayz Standalone where it’s just survive and kill, or more like a MMO where you have things to do and even get punished for killing? Also just curios about the map too, is there a specific place it is based on and when the game is released how many people on a server are we talking? One last question, any idea when this game will come out if you guys are planning on going through early access alpha? Cause I’m so ready to play! Thanks very much and I can’t wait to play your game!

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    • The easiest way to explain SCUM (but kinda the broadest) is just think of it as a next gen survival. It has survival, mmo, rpg, BR and many more features. It will be something totally new and its hard to put it in any genre. The biome and the island is based on a Croatian island by the name Brac. The servers will host 60+ people (we will see about the final number later in the development. It will come out as soon as possible =D


  2. I am werry intressted in this game but it kind of feals similer to “Dayz” or “last man standing” but a lot better when it comes to combat so I would like to ask you: to what degree can you interact with the environment? For exemple can you make traps, can you baricade a window or a door, can you tipp ower somthing like a bench to get some protection?

    Please keep up the good work, this is a very promising game.

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    • Good questions. Yes we will have interaction with the environment. You will be able to make various booby traps (depending on your skill level), and fortify various buildings from small houses to huge prisons complexes, but for that one you will need bit more people =D. The tipp over stuff for protection sounds like a nice feature so i will write that down! =D


  3. you should fix that look over objects to see enemies, because showing a red outline still is a bit too op, due to it still being able to gain an advantage because the outline can still show enough in real time. it should be something similar to a sound-wave on the floor where enemies are shown instead of a red outline, or perhaps an after image of the enemy when seen. similar to the last of us mechanics. also, will the characters have reactions towards objects, for example: they run and hit towards the wall due to momentum and weight, or if they move pass a muddy field it slows the player down.

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    • I agree that the outline specifically seems a bit too much, but I do like the idea. I was thinking, similar to The Witcher, have it represent a more vague idea of the target, but the outline itself shows which way they’re facing, if they’re standing, crouched or prone, which I think gives too much of an advantage in combat, more so if the target has low stealth.


  4. Hey! So for a while I’ve been waiting for this game to release, I was wondering how to get access to the early access on steam? I’d love to try it out and test for bugs and stuff 🙂 I’m just not sure how to get access haha.


  5. Hi

    I’m REALLY very excited.Over 3.000 hours in dayz but MOD of course not standalone
    If You are interested to get good tester let me know please.
    Playing survial games and….strategy turnbased as King’s Bounty and homm series.
    as webside I gave You link to 1 from my KB game movie on Jarcik Bounty chanel


  6. Hey this game looks awesome and has some really good features, just a few questions though will there be a ghillie suit in the game or a makeshift camoflauge system so you can craft your own concealment also will you be able to survive in the woods and make your own shelters and stuff??
    Thanks the game looks great


  7. this game looks amazing its soo good looking the hype for this is unbelievable so down to you guys to make this the best survival game you possibly can and i know you guys can pull it off done all this in a year and a half amazing so keep it up and don’t let us down


  8. Man this game looks bloody good.. finally a development team with some innovative ideas on gameplay features! Been testing Escape From Tarcov for a while now and it seems so stale now especially after watching this game! One question.. will it be perma death? Or will there be a feeling of progression in character even if you keep dieing?


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