In a series of developer Q&A videos, this is the first one, and it consists of the notes about the awareness and
tactics skills and how we used the community feedback to rework it. The second part of the video provides answers
to the community questions culled from the social media, forums, and emails to the team.


39 thoughts on “SCUM – Awareness and Tactics Q&A

  1. Looks and by description it sounds really cool!

    Best of luck crunching those bugs 😊
    Can’t Wait to get my hands on this!

    Ps, Will there be any sneaky/stealthy from behind execution mechanic?


  2. Can’t wait for you guys to hit early access – concept and core mechanics look awesome and the game seems pretty polished already! My hope for a well done ea title is rising, wishing you best luck on your way!


  3. Great overview videos and community engagement guys. More please!
    Really looking forward to seeing this hit Steam EA. Keep up the great work !

    If you are doing additional Q&As, I would ask-
    – How do the team mechanics and non-combat oriented skills work ?
    – What are the objectives/ win conditions you are exploring?



  4. Hey guys! The first thing i want to say is “keep up yiur awesome work!!”

    My question is is it possible to host a local server for lan type party with my friends so without internet?

    Thank you


  5. Hi, I would like to know that how can we contribute to the process of the development of this game. I was eager to buy the game in early access, but could not find any place where I can buy the game. It says it will be released on Q1 of 2018 on steam. Is it for sure or the date might change and the release might be delayed for months or even a year ?



    • I’ve already read other comments, But I noticed one of my friends on Steam list has already the game. That’s why I got confused, thought maybe something has changed or It’s possible to have a peek on the game in Early access.


    • Hello, the best way to contribute is to spread the word about our game ^^. And for now we stick to the end of Q1 start of Q2 release date. And we hope nothing will go wrong and that we wont need to push the release any more.


  6. I dunno man, I feel like I need to see a fairly long game play vid to figure out how exactly you guys are doing things. I understand what you’re talking about with curves governing the players visual perception of the world but to me it seemed like the distances for this might be off. The instance in which the the guy in the bush seemed to be invisible to a player not 20 feet away didnt seem right to me.


  7. What will be the penalty for reviving? I assume it can only be done a couple of times right? Would you need to eat more calories to help maintain you now walking corpse alive through the device on the back of your head? If you are revived then remove the device will you die? Also I assume that any connection to the celebrity system and perks as well as cons, like appearing as a top player,will disappear after the device is removed.


  8. Hey, I’ve been following the game for a while now and was just wondering if you had the time to answer a few questions. First will any bites, scratches, stabs or gunshot wounds be visible on the while in the third-person perspective, building on this, how deep will the medical system be. Also will you be able to craft or make your own camping supplies in the game for example fire or some sort of straw/twig shelter. Thanks for any responses in advance and hope the game production goes well.

    Kind Regards,


  9. First let me say i’m loving the mechanics thus far. and can’t wait to stream this!

    Now on to the actual question.

    What do you picture the price point being for this game? (ball park numbers are fine.)

    Also do you plan to scale the price?
    in Ex: $29.99 Early Access – Lower price to entice early purchase.
    $39.99 Beta – Slightly more elevated
    $59.99 Full Release – Full price.

    Lastly, Will there be different package prices similar to Escape from Tarkov

    Thanks for your time can’t wait for this Game!


  10. is this gonna be like matches or an actual open world like DayZ. I watched a video and saw that he said there would be matches of like 24 min or 100 hours i think? This is the only reason cause the last thing im wanting is another Escape From Tarkov where its an open world but i go in get loot and get out.


  11. So on Youtube people have xbox one trailers for this game but now i dont know anymore because other videos are saying it releases in 2018 for pc but no info in consoles? Please tell me console players will be getting it to then atleast xbox lol?


  12. I like that it changed to more of a blobby shape for the focus mode vision, but i was thinking more of a actual figure with the same color. Because when i think about where someone is in 3d space i usually picture them with my imagination and keep the same attributes they had when i saw them. I feel as though that method we be more solid than a very obvious and attracting red indicator. But overall i’m very excited about the project and looking forward to all you have to offer the gaming community.


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