62 thoughts on “SCUM – Wetness (Pre-Alpha)

  1. This game looks really promising, and I’m really hyped for it.
    One question I wanted to ask was; is wildlife going to be treated as detailed as the players? Will the animals in the game act as they are meant to? By this I mean grouping behaviors for fauna such as deer or buffalos who group together in herds and act together and intricate stuff like that. Or will animals just be solitary and walking around until they come in contact and attack a player like in games like rust (really takes out the immersion). How is the animal AI? Will they be able to wander the forest in search of food and have their own survival needs? (E.g. a bear searching for berries and food to meet it’s caloric intake and deer eating shrubbery in a group and wolves looking for deer to hunt) and will the animals be able to navigate their environment without colliding into trees and rocks? I’ve also noticed in games such as rust and Conan exiles – animals are always on a swivel. They have no turning animation, they all turn at the same speed, and all turn in the same spot. For example, the animals would just turn 360 without any leg movement and they would do it at the same speed. It looks very bad and not immersive. Will a system like that be implemented or will animals cautiously turn around having animations and have actual spacial awareness? I know these are a lot of questions, but I’m just really hyped for the game. Thank you.


    • For now the animal AI will be basic. All will have animations and look natural, they will walk around scan the area. Hostile animals will attack you other animals will run from you ect. A complex AI takes a lot out of the CPU so we need to be careful. Ofc in later stages we will improve them as much as possible.


    • cant wait to Play a thin guy – Aiming for sniper here 😀 Hopefully i can defend myself in Close combat because thats what Im worried about atm but we will see.


  2. Finally a survival game that actually does it right! All the gameplay videos look amazing and i can’t wait to play it. Are there any other alphas coming up anytime soon?


  3. what specs will i need for this game because i don’t want to find i need to upgrade my pc then have to wait for my new pc parts to come to play the game and if i do need to upgrade im that hyped for this game i am going to have to because it looks sick


  4. i think that mechanic were depending on you spotting skill depends on how close the enemy renders will be really annoying everything else works great cant see how that would make the game any better other than people legit just appearing out of no were !!


  5. when is the release date. And if there is none can u give a estimated time of beta or alpha? And how much do u think u guys will price it at?


  6. The game look like a really fun survival game which has some really awesome tweaks to some systems. I’ve got some questions for you, do have any dates in mind when the game should be ready for the official release, so it wont stay to long in early Access?

    Also do have any ideas for the progression system? I was thinking about something like the hometown system of Age of empires 3 would be awesome, like you can make a deck of supplies which you can have access to when you hit a certain stages or goals, in the example of age of empires you unlock better cards by getting to a higher age, but still you had to earn points to buy the stuff you want. The points were earned by playing the game (building units and buildings etc). In scum it could be something like that. At the beginning you don’t have a deck or just basic stuff like food and so on, but the more time you spent playing scum you earn better stuff which you can place in your deck, i would cap the capacity of each deck and better cards cost a lot more deck slots. Also if you’re ingame and you want something special of your deck, you can’t get it right away from the start. Better gear is locked behind certain ingame goals, for example reaching a certain level of a attribute or skill. But I wouldn’t let players get something strong or game changing from a deck, like a gun are something powerful. It would make more sense in terms of fairness to keep it with clothes, food, drugs, weapon mods or tactical clothes. In which drugs and food is low tier and weapon mods are high tier rewards, which are more expensive to earn in terms of points. I also got an idea how to Implement something like that in the story, because you said that your game is like the movie Gamers in which a player controls a body of someone else. Which means there should be viewers who watch the players and if you have watched or read the hunger games you know what i mean. The fans sent their favorite player goodies to help them survive longer. So to wrap things up the hometown in age of empires could be in scum the fans or viewers. I hope i didnt get lost and you guys know what I mean 😀 If not, what do think about that idea, i don’t think i have seen something like that in a survival game yet ^^

    kind regards



    • what u proposed with “deck” progression system doesnt apply to reality and this GAME tries to reflect the reality best as its possible

      but theres 1 thing i agree with u, the progression system overall
      im woried if it wont be to shallow, only 5 stages of each attribute can make it to easy to progress, i think it should be like 10 or sub “divisions” between very bad, poor, medium, good, great…. like 3 checkpoints before going from medium to good


  7. what does a q1 and a q2 mean? I’m excited for the game and have no idea what that means and I saw you say the character will change everytime you change a server

    Does that mean well have random characters? or can we buy them through coins won after each game or purchased with real money? Itd be awesome if you could train your character starting off skinny then you do whatever with it


  8. Videos are looking awesome…. I like the wetness model one question though. I wonder will the sun also burn you? …… Can’t wait to sign up early access


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